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Welcome to Understanding Rome
Made to measure itineraries of Rome

The Eternal City is made up of layer upon layer of human endeavour; the city’s history is written in its very fabric. Let me help you delve beneath the surface, and discover over two millennia of war, struggle, and triumph. I offer tailor-made guided visits of Rome, and by understanding your requirements, and those of any children in your group, I will be delighted to help you Understand Rome.

The Vatican City

Ancient Image of Piazza San Pietro

The world’s smallest country is home to one of the finest collections of art, the largest archeological collection, and to the world’s largest church. Negotiating the labyrinth of the Vatican Museums we will weave a narrative which begins with the martyrdom of St Peter in the Vatican field, and which takes us through Constantine’s legalization of Christianity, through the violence of the Middle Ages, and into the glorious reign of Julius II, the building of the new Basilica, and into the theatricality of the Baroque. We will discuss how and why Christianity became the religion of Rome, and how the Protestant Reformation led to the gilded spectacle of Bernini’s baldacchino.

The Heart of Ancient Rome

The She Wolf Feeds Romolus and Remo

Explore the hill where Romulus founded Rome, and where the Emperors built their palaces, the Forum from where Rome governed her territories for over a millennium, and of course the Colosseum, home to centuries of gladiatorial combat among other spectacles.

Other Walks

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Explore the cobbled streets of the Ghetto and Trastevere, the echoes of the reign of Augustus beneath the winding streets of the Field of Mars, the splendid treasures of the Galleria Borghese, and stroll along the Appian to wonder at the aqueducts.


Sleeping Aeneas

I am delighted to create ‘made to measure’ itineraries from 2 hours to as long as you like. Below are a series of possible ideas. Under each introduction is a list of places which fit in with the theme mentioned. These can be added or removed from your itinerary depending on your particular interests, and how long you would like the tour to be. The themes I’ve suggested are by no means exhaustive, I will be delighted to meet any specific requests of visits to be organised around any theme you like; historical figures, artists, by area, or anything else which springs to mind.

Agnes Crawford

About Me

My name is Agnes Crawford. Originally from London, I graduated from Edinburgh University with a Master of Arts degree in Architectural History in 1999. I moved to Rome in 2000, married a Roman, and have lived here ever since.

I am a licensed guide with ten years’ experience. I have also contributed to a number of guide books,
including several editions of the Time Out Guide to Rome, the shopping guide Where to Wear, and Frommer's Italian Islands.

I am passionately enthusiastic about the city, and believe that by Understanding Rome your visit will be both more meaningful, and much more enjoyable. As well as exploring ruins and churches, Understanding Rome is also about where to take your coffee, the best places for gelato, and where to shop. I will be delighted to help you feel as at home in Rome as I do.

Understanding Rome is recommended by the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Rough Guide to Rome, Condé Nast Traveller’s Rome App, and the Sydney Sun Herald.