The Heart of Ancient Rome

Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Colosseum Tour

The site of the city’s legendary foundation by Romulus, the Palatine Hill became the smartest place to live during the Roman Republic. Upon the foundation of the Empire by Augustus the first Emperor chose to live in the area where the city’s founder had lived, an emphasis of continuity of place for the “new Romulus”. The ruins of the Palatine Hill offer a splendid introduction to the city’s ancient history in a beautifully peaceful environment, as well as giving spectacular views over the Forum itself.

At the foot of the hill, is the Roman Forum. Once a marshy valley, it was drained in the 7th century B.C. and rapidly became the heart of the nascent city, becoming the centre of the commercial and political life of the city. It was from here that the Roman Republic began its expansion across the Mediterranean, and that the Empire directed its greatest conquests. It would become the busiest place in the world: the heart of a city which at its peak would rule from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf; from Scotland to the Sahara.

The Colosseum, the mother of all stadia, and a spectacular exercise in the control of the people – part of the system of “bread and circuses”. Gladiators, lions and tigers showed Romans the might of the power of the state, and reminded of their fate were they to disobey.

Any specific interests will be accommodated in the itinerary, I have suggested a 3 hour itinerary but a longer tour is of course available on request.

Special access to the underground (“backstage”) areas and the upper (third) ring of the Colosseum can be arranged where availability permits. Please specify any special requests when booking.

This is an ideal tour for children, in which case I would usually put a special focus on the Colosseum. A 3 hour tour is not as long as it sounds and a short break between sites can be taken if desired (for both children and adults!)

  • Skip the line entry tickets to the¬†Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill.
  • Explore the Palatine Hill where Romulus founded Rome, and where the Emperors built their palaces, the Roman Forum¬†where Rome governed her territories for over a millennium, and of course the Colosseum, home to centuries of gladiatorial combat and other spectacles.

3 hours